Georgetown Finance Department

Fiscal & Budgetary Policy

The City of Georgetown is committed to financial management through integrity, prudent stewardship, planning, accountability, full disclosure and communication. The broad purpose of the Fiscal and Budgetary Policies is to enable the City to achieve and maintain a long-term stable and positive financial condition, and provide guidelines for the day-to-day planning and operations of the City’s financial affairs.

Policy scope generally spans areas of accounting and financial reporting, internal controls, both operating and capital budgeting, revenue management, investment and asset management, debt management and forecasting. This is done in order to:


  1. Demonstrate to the citizens of Georgetown, the investment community, and the bond rating agencies that the City is committed to a strong fiscal operation;
  2. Provide precedents for future policy-makers and financial managers on common financial goals and strategies;
  3.  Fairly present and fully disclose the financial position of the City in conformity to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP); and
  4. Demonstrate compliance with finance-related legal and contractual issues in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code and other legal mandates.

These policies will be reviewed and updated annually as part of the budget preparation process.

Read the Fiscal and Budgetary Policy FY 2024

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