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Finance & Administration

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Finance Administration plans and directs the City’s financial activities.  The Department oversees accounting, purchasing, tax collection, billing, financial reporting, debt, and investment management.  Finance directs the City’s budgeting process, monitors the long-term financial plan, and prepares related policy recommendations.  Additionally, the Department plans City debt issuance, and monitors the City’s utility rates to ensure financial stability of these systems.  Finance is also liaison to several boards including the General Government and Finance (GGAF) Advisory Board, the Georgetown Economic Development Corporation (GEDCO), and the Georgetown Transportation Enhancement Corporation (GTEC).

FY 2021 Annual Budget

The $437.6 million City of Georgetown budget affects every resident in our City. How we allocate your taxpayer dollars determines the level of service you get in return for City functions, like providing electricity, drinking water, drivable streets, and clean parks. Because we ask you, our residents, to trust us with your hard-earned income, we need to know your priorities for services.

Toward that end, we asked the public for feedback through a short (less than 10 minute) survey that asked people to share their priorities for next year’s budget. The survey closed June 26, and staff are working through responses to determine what changes need to be made to the budget before the Council workshops in July.

We limited the engagement this year to an online survey and public hearings before Council to limit public gatherings while COVID-19 continues to spread in our community.

Important FY 2021 budget dates

June 10-June 26: Budget engagement
July 21: First Council budget workshop
July 22: Second Council workshop
Aug. 11: First presentation of the full budget; City Council sets maximum tax rate and public hearing dates
Sept. 8: Public hearings and first reading of both the tax rate and the budget
Sept. 22: Second reading and final adoption of the tax rate and budget

FY 2020 Annual Budget

FY2020 Adopted Budget